Lost at Sea

A doctor, a lawyer and an accountant are sailing in a yacht when suddenly a typhoon hits and capsizes their boat. The three men are tossed into the ocean and helplessly watch as the yacht sinks beneath the waves. Luckily, they are all wearing life jackets. As the storm passes, the accountant assures the others that he managed to send an SOS so they can expect rescue soon. Then they see the fins approaching! Sharks circle the three men, and suddenly the doctor is dragged under. Then the sharks attack the accountant who is quickly devoured. The sharks begin to circle the terrified lawyer. Around and around they swim. But the lawyer is surprised when they don’t strike. They just keep circling him. He can’t understand why, and asks himself out loud, “Why haven’t the sharks attacked me?” One of the sharks swims up and replies, “Professional courtesy.”

At An Auction

A man loses his wallet at an auction. He stands up and asks for everyone’s attention. “I’ve lost a wallet with $2500 dollars in it. If you find it, let me know. There’ll be a $50 reward.” Then somebody in the back calls out, “I offer $100!”