Coffee Complaint

A man goes to the doctor with an unusual complaint. “Doctor,” he explains, “whenever I drink coffee, my eye hurts.” The doctor admits it is unusual, and begins asking him questions. He asks if this happens with tea or other drinks. He asks if it matters what kind of coffee the patient drinks. He asks if it only happens at home or at a restaurant. But none of the patient’s answers provide any clue as to why his eye should hurt when he drinks coffee. Finally, the doctor suggests the man have some coffee right there in the examination room. He orders the nurse to bring the man some coffee. The nurse brings the coffee, along with cream and sugar. The man pours cream into the coffee and stirs it. Then he puts in a little sugar and stirs it again. Then he takes a sip, and cries out, “Ouch! There it is again! That really hurts!” The doctor nods his head and says, “I think I can help you. Next time, before you take a drink of your coffee, take the spoon out first.”